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To promote strong & vibrant neighborhoods and communities through the utilization of arts & culture, civic pride, special events and enhanced quality of life opportunities.

City Services for Special Events
Monday, May 03, 2021


Successful special events fulfill a component of Mayor Stimpson's vision to make the City of Mobile more family friendly. Assisting organizations with City service for special events creates the opportunity for more quality events for the citizens of Mobile.

Non-profit organizations, 501(c)3, are eligible for City services. First time applicants must submit a copy of their IRS Determination Letter.

The event must be free or at a reasonable cost. Proceeds must benefit the community.

The event must appeal to a broad base in the community.

The event must be entertaining, educational or beneficial to health in nature, non-political or non-religious in message.

The timing, location and content must be appropriate for the event.

Events supported by the City of Mobile must be on publically owned property or property deemed for public use.

Event organizers must present a certificate of liability insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000. The City of Mobile must be listed in the box marked 'Additional Insured' on the certificate of liability insurance.

All requests must be made in writing on the presenting organization�s letterhead a minimum of eight weeks in advance and made to the attention of the Special Events Manager, 2900 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36606.

Each organization will be assigned an event coordinator as their point of contact.

The Special Events Department will maintain a list of all organizations receiving City services.

Requests for street closings and parades will be referred to the Traffic Division of the Mobile Police Department. Police Department staff will prepare a cost analysis based on actual cost of overtime to cover the event. The presenting organization will be invoiced for the cost of overtime.

Requests for Fire Medics will be referred to the Fire Department EMS Administration for payment.

Barricade requests will be referred to the Traffic Engineering Department for application and payment.

Equipment Use- Tables, chairs and risers are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge, if overtime is not incurred.

Public Service Departments- If overtime is incurred by Public Works, Parks, Electrical, Public Buildings or Mechanical Maintenance, actual overtime cost will be invoiced at the conclusion of the event.

Police Department- Actual overtime cost invoiced at conclusion of the event.

Fire Department- Standby fee for one (1) rescue truck and two (2) paramedics is $150.00 per hour with a four (4) hour minimum. Standby fee for an EMS bike team is $100 per hour. Standby fee for a mini ambulance is $100 per hour.

Traffic Engineering Department- Barricade fees for non-profit organizations
Picked up & returned by renter= $2.50 each per day
Delivered & unloaded= $3.50 each per day
Delivered & set up= $4.00 each per day
*Trailer delivered= $2.50 each per day in City Limits, if renter unloads and reloads delivered trailer.
*Traffic Engineering will deliver a trailer with barricades, if the renter is paying for at least 50 barricades. Renter must reload the barricades just as they are delivered in order to avoid the additional $1.00 per barricade fee.