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Worms, Germany
Active, Local organization

In late 1974 the old Rhine River City of Worms, Germany and Mobile, Alabama agreed to unite and become Sister Cities. This Society has been very active within our City since before the first official twinning in 1976.

“The Purpose for which this Society is organized is to establish, promote and foster a spirit of friendship and closer ties between the City of Mobile, Alabama and Worms, Germany a Sister City of Mobile: to maintain close relationship with the officials and the people of Worms, Germany, throughout the duration of the Society through literary, civic, cultural and educational endeavors, all to the interest of peace and understanding between the United States and Germany: to arrange for cultural exchanges, and such other lawful purposes as the Society may, from time to time, care to undertake.”

Worms (pronounced Vorms) is one of the three oldest cities in Germany located in southwest Germany on the Rhine River. Worms is an industrial center and is famed for its local Liebfraumilch wine. The city of Worms was settled before the Romans came in 14 BC. There are many old beautiful churches and museums in Worms and the people are very friendly.

We hold monthly meetings on the second Friday night of each month at 6:30PM at the Garden Center at the corner of Zeigler Blvd. and Forest Hill, across from Municipal Park.
For more information, please contact Judy Anderson at 666-0844 or e-mail: iceclipses@comcast.net

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